Silostar M

Simple handling, innovative processing

The star of the silo mixing pumps: SILOSTAR M by Maltech for self-levelling screed and plaster is equipped with an innovative protection against freezing thanks to a heated water armature. The wet chamber is emptied automatically, and the integrated cleaning function minimizes the work steps. Versatile and easy to handle: the silo mixing pump Silostar is an innovative product by Maltech Srl that lives up to its name!

Silo mixing pump for basic and insulating plaster, self-levelling material

Water armature heated and thus protected from freezing 

  • Very fast and easy cleaning
  • Applicable on almost all silos thanks to its low height
  • Complete separation of dry material chamber and mixing chamber
  • Hopper for bag material
  • Control panel protected by separation from the mixing pump
  • Automatic discharging of mixing chamber
  • Integrated cleaning function
  • Water armature protected against freezing thanks to a heating system
  • Easy handling
  • Easy maintenance, minimum wear, simple handling and high-quality components
Conveying capacity – plaster*  approx. 30-35 l/min
Conveying capacity – screed*  approx. 80-100 l/min
Conveying range – plaster*  approx. 30 m
Conveying range – screed*  approx. 80-100 m
Max pumping height*
 30 m
Max pumping pressure
 approx. 40 bar
 400 V 50 Hz
Pump engine  7.5 kW 400 V 50 Hz
Conveying motor
 3.0 kW 400 V 50 Hz

*Approximate values that may vary according to type and consistency of the material in use.
800 mm
2150 mm
950 mm
Total weight
approx. 270 kg
Silo Height
approx. 1050 mm