Flexible mixing of all machine-processible wet materials

Are you looking for a plastering machine for all pre-mixed indoor and outdoor plaster types? M2 by Maltech with its innovative mixing compartment concept provides highest efficiency. Lightweight and at the same time sturdy, but easy to disassemble, the plastering machine M2 can be operated with bagged pre-mixed material or connected to an automatic transport device by Maltech (MD or MB series).

Plastering machine for all indoor and outdoor plastering

new system for mortar and plaster works

  • New mixing compartment concept with a highly efficient safety system
  • The flexible system protects components and machine parts from being soiled
  • Essential seals and fittings are compatible with all other machines
  • Light, robust and reliable
  • Easily collapsible
  • All added materials are excellently mixed
  • The machine is either fed with bags or connected to an automatic conveyor system of the MD/MB series

Conveying capacity*  approx. 5-30 l/min
 Standard  approx. 25 l/min
Max range*
 approx. 30 m
Pump engine
 5.5 kW 400 V 50 Hz
Transport screw
 1.1 kW 400 V 50 Hz
Compressor capacity
 220 l/min
Min water pressure
 3 bar
 400 V 50 Hz

*Approximate values that may vary according to type and consistency of the material in use.

630 mm
1850 mm
1550 mm
Height of opening
1080 mm
Total weight
240 kg
Screw pump set  D6-3
Spray gun
Mortar hose
 DN25, 15 m
Air hose
 15 m