Powerful multi-functional conveying pump

The powerful, multi-functional conveying pump Powerjet with its 11 to 15 kW is the perfect machine for an elevated conveying capacity for all plastering, renovation, rehab, injection and pump works. The frame is bigger than that of the Plasterjet conveying pump by Maltech Srl, and the multi-functional machine also has more conveying capacity. For optimum conveying of pre-mixed plaster, mortar or flow screed – and even shotcrete. This makes the Powerjet the perfect machine for large construction sites. It also is equipped with a speed-regulating frequency inverter.

The multi-functional pump for plasterwork, renovation, injection and pump work on huge construction sites

Sturdy machine for large construction sites

  • Upon request, a continuous or pan mixer can be mounted on top
  • Low feed height
  • Wide range of functions (installation of different pumps)
  • Can be switched on/off, transported quantity can be regulated by remote control
  • Maximum granulation 12 mm
  • Conveying capacity is adaptable (version V and FC)
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Quick disassembly of the pump
Pump  2L8 (11 kW) / 2L8+ (15 kW)
Conveying capacity*
 approx. 6 – 200 l/m
Max distance (horizontal)  150 m (11 kW) / 250 m (15 kW)
Max distance (vertical)
 21 m (11 kW) / 35 m (15 kW)
 400 V 50 Hz
Electr. power consumption
 max 32 A

*Approximate values that may vary according to type and consistency of the material in use. 
850 mm
3150 mm
1035 mm
Total weight
438 kg
Frame with 4 wheels
Control panel
Gear motor, variable speed