M5 evolution

The plastering genie

The 3-phased plastering machine of the Maltech M5 evolution series is suited for mixing and pumping all kinds of indoor and outdoor plaster. With this powerful machine, it is possible to apply all kinds of indoor and outdoor plaster, textured plaster, insulating plaster, pre-mixed mortar and flow screed.

Plastering machine for all indoor and outdoor plastering

optimal access to all components

  • Galvanized and powder-coated frame
  • Easily accessible water armature
  • Frontal air supply
  • Carrying handles with reinforcement for greater mobility on the construction site
  • Pump outlet for D and R screw pumps, easily changeable without changing the end pieces
  • Lifting brackets
  • Tool kit
  • Automatic switch-off for compressor and water pump
  • Compressor protection cover
  • Reduced weight for increased mobility on construction site
  • New safety switch-off
 Conveying capacity* approx. 5-30 l/min
 Standard approx. 25 l/min
 Max range approx. 30 m
 Pump engine 5.5 kW 400 V 
 Cell wheel engine 0.55 kW 400 V
 Compressor capacity 220 l/min
 Min water pressure 3 bar
 Voltage 400 V 50 Hz 17 A 3~
 230 V 60 Hz 30 A 3~

*Approximate values that may vary according to type and consistency of the material in use.

720 mm
1050 mm
1530 mm
Height of opening
940 mm
Mortar hopper
approx. 110 l
Total weight
257 kg
 Screw pump set   D6-3 
 Spray gun 
 Mortar hose 15 m
 Air hose 15 m
 Mixing tube for D/R pumps
 Control panel 42 V
 Cleaning tools 
 Glue gun   optional