Maltech Srl, founded in 1979, hails from South Tyrol, the northernmost and German-Italian speaking part of Italy. CEO Wilhelm Stofner founded the company as a retailer for construction materials. However, over the years, Maltech Srl expanded its activity and started with the construction of machines. In the nineties, the company was already manufacturing machines for the construction sector. The first plastering machine made by Maltech dates back to 1992/93. In the beginning, Maltech almost exclusively supplied the domestic territory, exploring the market and finally reaching today’s status, with almost 50 export countries. 2008 saw the opening of the new headquarter in Zona artigianale Reifenstein near Vipiteno, Italy’s northernmost city. Ten years later, a new workshop has been constructed, with a surface of 1000 m².

Today, Maltech Srl is one of the major producers of equipment for pre-mixed plaster processing on the international stage. Our customers appreciate our company because of our loyalty and competence.