MB100T and MB140T

Oil-free pneumatic conveyor systems

The conveyor systems of the Maltech MB100T and MB140T series serve transportation of dry plaster and similar material from all standard containers and silos to the plastering/mixing machine. Transport is fully automatic and continuous, thus guaranteeing the continuous feeding of the machine without further handling by staff. Both models are the successors of the MB100 and MB140 series and function oil-free.

Pneumatic silo conveyor systems for the transportation of pre-mixed plaster and mortar from non-pressurized silos to the mixing pump / plastering machine.

Automatic disconnection after transportation

  • Automatic feeding of all common plastering machines or continuous mixers from non-pressurized silos
  • Applicable to all types of mortar and plaster
  • Increased performance due to enlarged conveying pot
  • Adjustable conveyor nozzle for light and heavy material
  • With phase sequence relay and relay for sensor delay
Max range*  approx. 60-80 m
Compressor MB 100T  KDT 3.100 - 5.5 kW 400 V
Compressor capacity MB 100T*  100 m³/h
Compressor MB 140T
 KDT 3.140 - 7.5 kW 400 V
Compressor capacity MB 140T*
 140 m³/h
Conveying pot
 70 l
Conveying pressure
 max 2.5 bar
 400 V 50 Hz
Control voltage
 42 V

*Approximate values that may vary according to type and consistency of the material in use.

560 mm
1200 mm
620 mm
Total weight
187 kg
Compressors with control panel
Conveying pot with actuator and shut-off valve
Feed hood with level indicator and exhaust air filter
Mortar hose  50 m, C-coupling
Control cable
 50 m